Our expertises
Customize your journey, make it unique!

Our teams at Tahiti Expert DMC will tailor make a unique trip. Discover our expertises, our strengths and our values : you are in good hands.

Create exceptional journeys for private groups and companies
with our expertises

Collaborate with our travel designers at Tahiti Expert DMC and use our expertises to develop your journey. 

Additionally, our highly qualified experts work tirelessly to meet your needs. 

We tailor unique itineraries for our guests and secure them every step of the way. 

Furthermore, to provide an outstanding experience, we gather strategic resources, infrastructure, and guides.

Our strengths

Destination expertise

We know our islands like the back of our hand. 

We design itineraries tailored to adapt to seasonal treasures, main events in the archipelagoes,  and the best weather conditions. 

Our guides are amazing storytellers: their knowledge will dive you deep into a unique Polynesian experience. Live it all from the eyes of a native people!

Personalized service

The highest quality of service, just for you.

Tahiti Expert DMC has all the flexibility required to swiftly adapt to change when needed. 

Our team is trained to negotiate the best value for our clients, and design, plan and execute impactful projects. 

upscale programs

 Sustainability and cost efficiency are front and center.

In our program conception, we select the most reliable and valuable suppliers. 

We partner with local producers for fresh products, and strategically select key suppliers worldwide to leverage best-value products.

Concierge service

Enjoy your trip: you are taken care of. 

Birthday parties, theme parties, latest trendy activities, cultural discoveries, and specific bookings…

Tahiti Expert DMC acts as an all-in-one concierge service to organize a one-of-a-kind experience.

Our engagements

Helping local communities - Sustainability

With every travel comes an inevitable carbon footprint. 

This is why, to help compensate, our guests can dedicate a counterpart to helping local communities by planting trees (decarbonating and reforesting), or by donating to a school, helping children of women in need of help to become more independent.

Then, depending on your sensitivity, you can engage in one of those special emotional moments when offering gifts or donations.

help local communities

Ocean preservation

Ocean preservation is a core purpose for the Polynesian people. 

The ocean is our nourishing mother and guide.   Therefore,  we need to  protect it at our best. 

Our islands are made magical by the ocean swarming with fish, living corals, and seaweed. To preserve them, our guests can participate in coral replanting programs or in agricultural programs on atolls, where water is more than precious.

Keeping you safe and healthy

Health and well-being are two of our priorities.

Tahiti DMC Expert strictly follows the World Health Organization recommendations

We welcome our guests according to their country’s particular health protocol, and maintain continuity and consistency throughout their stay.